Unloading and palletizing facility to Ramoen finished delivered!

Holmek palletizing delivery to Ramoen is now fully commissioned. The delivery included complete palletizing facility and unloading elevator with associated internal transport paths.

The palletizer is set for two different product types: Whole / half blocks and fillet boxes. There is also the possibility of manual palletizing on two courts with its own stretch film machine integrated into the line.

The unloading elevator has an automatic program for shipping empty pallets to the palletizing machine, full pallets down to the freezer and pallets from the freezer and the unloading hatch where we have a newly developed tilting path where you quickly and easily reel in and out before and after unloading.

We thank you for delivery of the system to Ramoen, and wishes the boat and crew good luck.


Automatic unloading:

Great boat!

The palletizing room:


Palletizing room with box lift in the inlet:

Automatic drive to cold storage: