We have spent nearly a year to develop and test the new machine, and the challenge of this request was of course space, explains Eiken. The room the machines should be placed in was too small, so we had to put our heads together and be creative. The result was to construct a machine that combined a palletizing maching and a stretch wrapper machine.

We started from our popular Compact palletizers and an Octopus stretch wrapping machine that we in Holmek Palletering have extensive experience about. These two machines were built into a single unit, and we were very pleased when we recently got this machine approved by Innovation Norway as an R & D project, says CEO Holmek Palletering, Helge Eiken.

The machine has so far been a great success, and the customer of the first machine was very pleased with what they saw when they were on-site inspection. The first machine is installed in a factory ship where the machine is going to be palletizing frozen 50/25 kg fish blocks, and it will handle up to 100 tons per. day.

The machine is very compact and has no bigger building measurements than an ordinary stretch wrapper machine. It takes very little floor space, is very easy to place and is particularly well suited to difficult, unstable products that needs to be stabilized during the palletizing.

The machine can be equipped with accessories like topparkpålegger, mellomleggark etc.

There are many who do not have enough space to have both a palletizers and a stretch wrapper machine, and our new machine solves this problem elegantly. However, it is very affordable to only have to buy one machine versus two different ones.


Click here for video of the machine aboard the Polar Princess